The Lotus has become the principal vehicle of communication for the Indian community in Northeast Ohio.

The Lotus is a monthly newspaper that reports on the Indian Community and its activities. It was started in 1967, and the oldest Indian Community newspaper in U.S.A. and the only non-profit Indian Community newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Lotus, first ever community newspaper, is seeking Volunteers to help out with Marketing, Editing, Story writing, Local event reporting, Community outreach. Please send your interest, experience, availability and contact information to You do not have to be of Indian origin, just interested in events, arts or anything influenced by and has a potential to impact people of Indian origin in North East Ohio.

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About Advertising in The Lotus

Ads must be received by the Lotus Editor in camera-ready high resolution format (JPG, TIF, PPT, MS Word, PDF, etc.) by the 10th of the month, for publication in the following month's issue.

LOTUS/FICA will try its best to have the following month's issue distributed by the end of the same month or by the first week of the month for which the issue is dated (e.g. ad for March 2011 issue of Lotus must be received by the 10th of Feb 2011. Lotus will try to distribute the March 2011 issue by the end of Feb 2011 or by the first week of March 2011).

Please be assured that it is our utmost desire and aim to have the month of issue distributed by the end of the previous month. Ads that are not camera-ready will be charged a one time fee of $50.00 for making it print ready. Please note: copies of documents that are not print ready will result in blurry images for which we will not be responsible for.

We hope that you will support the Lotus, currently distributed to approximately 3,000 households and businesses which are primarily of Asian Indian heritage. In the future, we plan to distribute the Lotus to libraries and other institutions which show interest in ethnic heritage.

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