Federation of India Community Associations ( FICA )

Shiksha Daan - A new FICA Initiative

FICA (Federation of India Community Associations) has started a new service initiative called Shiksha Daan (Gift of Education). The objective of Shiksha Daan is to get the Indian community more involved in helping with the education and development of the under-privileged in the Greater Cleveland community.

Shiksha Daan will partner with various education and youth development organizations in the Cleveland area and identify specific opportunities for the Indian community to contribute towards. We are looking for members of the community who are willing to give 2-6 hours a week to help with:

  • Coaching middle to high school students in developing business plans as part of entrepreneurship education
  • Help students develop resume writing and interview skills
  • Mentoring 7th and 8th grade students at charter schools to help with high school applications and selection
  • Tutoring middle school kids in math, science, english, etc

If you have an interest in giving back to the community by volunteering for Shiksha Daan, or if you have any questions, please send an e-mail to shikshadaan.fica@gmail.com

Our adopted country has given us wonderful opportunities to grow and prosper. The Indian community is not only the most prosperous but also the most educated among the various communities in the US. The best way we can give back to our adopted country is to give the gift of education to those who desperately need our help. Statistical data shows that 1 out of 3 teenagers from low-income families in Cleveland will not graduate from high school ? one of the lowest rates in the country. You can help change that ? so please contact shikshadaan.fica@gmail.com and sign up to help out as a mentor/tutor/business plan coach. Thanks.

To learn more about Shiksha Daan programs and to volunteer to support one or more of our programs, please visit www.shikshadaanusa.org

You can also contact any one of the Shiksha Daan committee members listed below

Sanjay Garg, Chirman
Gita Gidwani

Vijay Julka
Meera Kansal

Vinod Nagpal
Swati Sathe

Ramesh Shah
Sahithya Wintrich